FAQ – Urban Tales in Hoi An

• How long do we actually walk?
The itinerary is yours! This tour will enable you to discover the city by walking and the countryside by bicycle. The covered distances are accessible for everyone including children. However, several aspects of the game will help you decide which direction to take for the next step of your investigation. Most of the participants walk around 2 km during the game and pass by most of Hoi An landmarks. As for the bicycle tour, it will approximately be of 2.5km.

• During the game, do I have time to visit or should I run against the clock?
To lift the curse and solve the riddles of “the Malediction of the Jiangshi” scenario, players can either take their time and explore Hoi An and its surroundings at their own pace. In that case they will still be able to finish the game, but maybe not be the winners…! Participants can as well decide to be as quick as they can to solve the mystery: to do so, they need to better analyse the clues and take quicker decisions. Most participants finish the the game and enjoy a memorable time in Hoi An.

• Can I join Urban Tales Hoi An with my children?
Children over 12 years old are considered as adults and will be able to enjoy every features of this original walking tour. Children under 12 years old are welcome under an adult supervision and will benefit from a discounted price. Children under 7 years old are free of charge.

• If I come with a friend, are we going to be teamed up with other participants?
No. You would meet other participants at the meeting point (small alley in front of 732 Ha Bai Trung) but you will never be teamed up with other participants during the walking tour.

• Does Urban Tales Hoi An require the participants to play a role ?
Feel free to play your role and start thinking like an investigator! However, the game was designed for everyone to be able to join it. It does not require any role play or acting skills. The actors that you will encounter during the game will be playing a role and are trained to react according to your questions and level of confidence. If they see that you play a role, they will probably enjoy it very much. If they see you are simply enjoying an original walking tour, they will interact with you and help you as much as they can.